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Radius 360 Sander

The  Radius 360º is a revolutionary drywall sanding tool

The redesigned Radius360° is the same great tool with the added ability to transform your pole sander to a handheld sander, or to switch out the round shape for the triangular head of the new Trigon180° sanding tool for detail corner sanding. The new Radius360° has a detachable center hub, which easily snaps in and out via a cam lock mechanism. This center hub can be snapped into the new Trigon180° sanding tool, or can be interchanged with the hub of the Pro Handle Adapter. (Pro Handle Adapter Sold Separately)

The ability to change directions quickly without having to lift the pad off the wall is a huge advantage over the conventional method of sanding drywall. Unlike the conventional pole sander, the foam disc on the Radius360º wears evenly and lasts much longer. Both the foam pad and the sandpaper utilize hook and loop backing, making for easy replacement. 

  • No flipping, skipping, or scratching. Movement is flawless with round shape. 
  • 90% larger than standard rectangle pole sander, making it the largest surface area sander on the market. 
  • Oval adapter makes quick and easy change from pole sanding to hand sanding with the Pro Handle Adapter. 
  • Round pliable .50” hook & loop pad forms perfectly to the contours of curved surfaces such as barrel vaults, arches, domes and uneven walls. 
  • Up to 3 times faster than a conventional sand pole, with better results 
  • Fits any standard 3/4" Male Coarse Thread pole. 
  • Accepts 9inch Hook & Loop Abrasive Sanding Discs

    Level 360 Premium aluminum oxide abrasive discs with hook & loop backing for use with Radius 360º Drywall Sander or Porter Cable 7800 Drywall Sander (Requires Power Pro Pad). Available in 240, 220, 180, 150, 120, 100 and 80 Grit. 

    Level 360 aluminum oxide paper is clog resistant and self sharpening for longer life. Loop backed sandpaper firmly attaches to the foam disc, preventing debris from collecting behind the sandpaper, and eliminating a major cause of streaking.

    5 discs per package.

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