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ColorReader Pro

Colour is all around us, and sometimes the just right colour in your vision for your room, is in the cushion on the sofa, the painting on the wall or even the kitchen wall in the house next door.   ColorReader Pro allows you to simply click on the color, then view the closest Benjamin Moore colour on your mobile phone.  ColorReader Pro will also assist you in selecting co-ordinating colours to finish off your project.    ColorReader and ColorReader Pro is a must have tool for painting contractors, interior designers, and is now available in Canada at Days Painting Supplies.  

Stress free color selection! Match your color inspiration with the click of a button. Learn more at: http://www.datacolor.com/colorreader











Authentic Colour

Benjamin Moore Colour ToolsMismatched colours are often not evident until the paint is on the walls, and the results can be disappointing. Competitors may claim they can match Benjamin Moore® colours, but the truth is that they can’t.

You can only get true Benjamin Moore colours using Benjamin Moore paint. The reason lies in the manufacturing process. Benjamin Moore paints are created using proprietary colorants and resins and formulated with patented waterborne technologies. This highly controlled system ensures the quality of Benjamin Moore paints and the purity of the colours.

When a competing store offers to match a Benjamin Moore colour, their scanner simply provides its “best guess” for matching the colour using another paint, generic colorants, and a different tinting system. While the colour may come close, the final result is not the colour you spent days or weeks deciding upon. In other words, it’s a knockoff.

Be sure that the colour you pick is the colour you get. Authentic Benjamin Moore colours are available only at your local Benjamin Moore retailer.

Over 2000 Benjamin Moore Authentic Colors are available in 2 oz Colour Testers, a small investment to ensure that you will love your colours. 

Benjamin Moore Colour Testers

Benjamin Moore Colour Testers

Benjamin Moore Color Fans

Benjamin Moore Color Fans, is an excellent in home tool for choosing your colours, saves trips back and forth to the store while picking paint colours for your home or office.   Color Fans sell for $29.00, but are fully refundable when your project is complete.  Our color fans include the Color Preview Colors, Historical colors, off white and the ever popular Canadian Classics. 





ben Colour Capture (Canadian Version)

Benjamin Mooreben® Colour Capture™, an iPhone application that, with the tap of the screen, lets you snap a picture of any colour inspiration, anywhere in the world, and instantly match it to one of the more than 3,300 hues that comprise Benjamin Moore’s colour system. And since colour touches us everyday, everywhere, ben Colour Capture allows you to save your favourites for instant colour coordination and comparison. What’s more, the new ben app can access the iPhone’s GPS system, locating the Benjamin Moore retailer nearest to wherever the user is at that very moment.

The Ben app is intuitive and easy-to-use. Simply glide a finger across the digital photo taken with the iPhone’s built-in camera, zoom into a colour, and tap the “match” key. In just seconds, a strip of colors will appear below the photo, with the closest paint match highlighted. A simple shake of the phone and ben will provide up to four coordinating colours, creating an entire harmonizing palette based on the original selection. Favourites can be saved and enlarged to the size of the iPhone screen for easier viewing. There’s access, as well, to the full spectrum colour wheel, which expands or contracts by fingertip control to focus on a colour preference. That, too, can be translated into a Benjamin Moore colour and saved as a favourite for future reference.

Please note that the on-screen colour representations are not necessarily precise representations of actual paint colours due to variance in displays. You may bring any colour chip numbers to your local Benjamin Moore retailer to match and/ or order the exact colour you are looking for.

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