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Simiron 1100SL 100% Solids  Epoxy Floor Coating

SIMIRON 1100SL is a 100% solids, two-component, high-build epoxy floor coating that’s designed for applications where heavy-duty protection is required.

1100SL is easy-to-use, self-leveling, and delivers a high-gloss and chemically resistant surface. Combine with Decorative Chips, quartz, or Metallic Additive systems to create an attractive and durable finish or broadcast non-slip aggregates to produce a non-slip surface.

Two activators are available Standard (20 minute working time) or Slow Cure for an extended working time of 60-90 Minutes. 

Compatible with Simiron E-Tint Custom Color Pigment Pack

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Simiron 1000HS  Epoxy Primer

SIMIRON 1000HS is a 100% solids, zero VOC, blush resistant, and low viscosity epoxy primer that delivers excellent surface wetting, penetration, and extended open time to promote adhesion.

It’s ideal for use with other SIMIRON coatings, as well as, quartz and chip broadcast systems

Compatible with Simiron E-Tint Custom Color Pigment Pack

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Simiron Moisture Vapor (MVP) Epoxy Primer

SIMIRON MVB is a 100% solids, two-component, epoxy primer designed for concrete floors with severe moisture vapor transmission (MVT) problems. SIMIRON MVB can control emission rates up to 20lb/24hr/1000 square feet.

This primer is designed to be used as a moisture vapor barrier under SIMIRON decorative floor coatings along with other flooring systems.

Compatible with Simiron E-Tint Custom Color Pigment Pack

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RokRez Additives

Rokrez Decorative Chips

Decorative Chips are composed of water-based resin materials containing additives and pigments. The flakes are integrally colored and are produced in various sizes. They are designed for use in commercial, industrial and residential flooring.
Showroom Quality Floors Made Easy
Colorfast, UV Stable Pigments
Compatible With Epoxies, Polyurea, Polyaspartic, Acrylics, Urethanes, MMA & More

Other colours are available in bulk, click here for information.

For more information on Decorative chips click here




Rokrez Metallic Additive

Metallic Additive is an exotic pigment system that can be added to ROKREZ PRO & 1100SL 100% solids, clear epoxy. When dispersed within the coating, the pigment creates a beautiful three-dimensional appearance that gives the illusion of waves, swirls and ripples. The finished appearance of the Metallic flooring system can vary from gradual, subtle changes in color to more distinctive effects. Each project is truly unique. Metallic pigments give a Durable, Vibrant Three-Dimensional Look
Works with All Epoxy Floor Coatings

For more information on Rokrez Metallics  click here  




Rokrez Slip Resistant Additive

RokRez Pro Slip Additive is a micronized polymer powder that is added to SIMIRON coatings to achieve slip resistance.
Excellent Cleanability
Easily Mixes Into ROKREZ PRO, 1100SL and Other SIMIRON Coatings
Round Shaped Particles Provide Comfortable Texture for Bare Foot Usage
Provides Added Slip-Resistance
Will Not Affect Topcoat Color

For more information on Rocrez Slip Additive  click here





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